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Trade Grade: San Francisco 49ers trade RB Jeff Wilson to the Miami Dolphins

Image Credit: (Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

The Trade Deadline has a ton of moves occurring. On one side teams decide to trade a player that they are not using and already have a ton of depth at the certain position. While other teams are trying to replace a player they moved and get more depth as they are in win now mode. This feels like one of these trades as the San Francisco 49ers made a trade with the Miami Dolphins involving RB Jeff Wilson. The details of that trade are down below.

Trade Details San Francisco 49ers Acquire: 2023 5th Round Pick Miami Dolphins Acquire: RB Jeff Wilson

San Francisco 49ers Side

With the 49ers acquiring Christian McCaffery via trade and Elijah Mitchell returning from injury soon, Wilson’s days as a 49er were numbered. It does not help Jeff Wilson’s case that the 49ers also utilized a 3rd round pick on Tyrion Davis-Price during the 2022 NFL Draft. It is still a reach, but it showed that Wilson was probably not going to stay a 49er for very long. So of course his name was mentioned on the trading block.

With Wilson also being on a 1 year contract the 49ers wanted to get some value for him now instead of losing him for nothing at the end of the season. So his name being on the trading block was not a shocker at all. To be honest, the fact that they got a 5th round pick for a soon to be 26 year old player in a quickly depreciated position is great value. Not bad San Francisco, not bad at all.

Miami Dolphins Side

This is I guess is going to be the Chase Edmonds replacement as remember Edmounds was traded in the Bradley Chubb deal. He absolutely flopped in his time in Miami and Wilson would be more complementary with Mostert as both played well during their time in San Francisco. Speaking of which Mike McDaniel was the running back coach in San Francisco and with his close connection the Dolphins decided to give him a shot. It should not be too hard for Wilson to learn the playbook which is another positive in the 49ers acquiring him via trade. A 5th Round pick may be a bit much to trade for a 26 year old player in a quickly depreciated position, but I don’t mind it as much.

This trade to me is telling that Miami no longer trusts Myles Gaskin or Salvon Ahmed anymore. I mean to go from a potential top running back due to likely being on the outs with Miami is quite a fall for Gaskin and Ahmed.

He was droppable with the 49ers as he was just not being used in San Francisco at all. Now, Wilson should definitely be a waiver wire pickup in all Fantasy platforms as he will be the clear backup for the Dolphins. If Mostert gets hurt Wilson will be the guy that will step up at running back.

Grades for Jeff Wilson Trade

San Francisco 49ers: A

Miami Dolphins: B

A win-win deal for both teams, but I got to give the advantage here to the San Francisco 49ers. They got more value than originally anticipated for a player that was not in their long term future and were barely using. The 49ers get extra draft capital to bolster the team. The Dolphins win because they get a nice backup option at running back and he should be a solid depth piece on that team. Overall great move by both San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch and Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier. Hopefully this trade works out for both parties including Jeff Wilson.


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